From the passion for design and the tradition of Made in Italy comes "Italico Design". A mix of values and experience to create unique objects for your spaces.


A collection of unique products created from metals, glass, resins and other precious materials.
We develop our projects entirely, taking care of the entire production process.

The products are made entirely by craftsmen in our production department. Our customer does not buy a simple object but buys hundreds of hours, experiments, failures, trials and continuous refinements. Every single piece represents days, weeks and months of excitement and frustration… in two words PURE JOY.

You are not just buying an object, but a piece of Passion and Heart, a part of the soul, a moment in the life of the craftsman.

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The idea behind each of our creations comes from the simple expression of our creativity or from the need of our customers to create a product that meets a real need. There are no limits to creativity and any design is possible with any material and any size.

We have always firmly believed that the human factor is what makes the difference when it comes to creativity and design.

This is why we use all our skills every day to create unique and unrepeatable objects.

DESIGNThere is no impossible project

There are only appropriate solutions. Thanks to the experience gained in various fields of application, we can easily turn a simple idea into a real manufacturing project ready for realisation.

We use the latest design technologies from concept to final prototype model. We take care of the aesthetics of the product, but also of the selection and testing of the most suitable materials up to the verification of the tactile sensation that the object should give.

Giving shape to ideas is what transforms our vision and feelings into a real object so that it can come to life.

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PRODUCTIONProduction phases

Our technical know-how enables us to select the best materials and combine them in the production stages. When necessary, more and more elaborate prototypes are made in order to reach the final version of the individual components and thus of the final product.

According to the material treated, specific processing, cutting and surface treatment steps are executed.

The object comes to life in its shape, appearance and details.


If you are interested in one of our creations you can get in touch with Italico Design or visit our Showroom.
Italico Design
We are ITALICO and we don't sell simple objects; we want to bring a piece of our country's history and craftsmanship tradition into your homes or workplaces, all enriched with technical know-how and emotions.

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